Monday, June 3, 2013

Davis Music Revolution

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I describe myself as a juggler. Dabbling is my thing. I really enjoy having multiple projects, roles and responsibilities at the same time. Indeed, I wear many hats: mom, wellness coach, wife, spinning instructor, writer, business owner, outreach volunteer, friend. One of my favorite roles at the moment is as a member of the Davis Life Music Collective. It is great to be part of a community brought together by a deep love for music, art, culture, and our great town of Davis, CA.

My story about the DLMC and Davis Music Fest we are helping to host June 22 & 23 (please note the date is incorrect in the PDF version) is featured this month in The Vine. The whole article is great, but if you are just wanting to get to my story, scroll to page 8. And thanks to Rik Keller Photography for the amazing shots.

June Issue of The Vine featuring the Davis Live Music Collective