Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stop The FDA From Disproving Avastin To Treat Metastatic Breast Cancer

Please view this video or read on so that we can raise awareness about an upcoming FDA decision that will affect thousands of metastatic breast cancer survivors.

Avastin is an anticancer medication that many metastatic breast cancer patients respond to. As we move towards personalized medicine, we need better ways to evaluate who will and will not respond to a medication and assure that those medications that benefit subsets of the population remain available.

Both Komen for the Cure and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s statement about this topi can be viewed at : The FDA decision on the drug Avastin was scheduled to occur on December 16, but has been postponed for the time being, so we have some time to act, but not much.

Please sign the petition by a woman for whom Avastin is the only drug benefitting her:

Write a letter/e-mail to the senior leaders at the FDA (Margaret Hamburg,; Patricia Keegan,; Richard Pazdur,; Janet Woodcock, and also send a copy of that letter to your congressman and senator. The mailing address for the FDA is 10903 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20993-0002.

We need more choices in treatment not less.